I am well aware that some of the words in the Wolf Creek Shifters series can be a little difficult to understand. Even I was pronouncing these wrong in my head as I wrote them. I get most of my terms from Scottish Gaelic.

Shifter (shihf-TUHR)– a magical being that can change to wolf at will. Created by the goddess Artio when the beautiful wolf Aileas fell in love with the human Fáelán.

Fáelán Brennus (FIE-lahn brEH-nuhs)– A Scottish Chieftain in Shifter history. During a challenge from a neighboring Chieftain, he was injured and disposed of in a nearby forest. Father of the Shifters.

Aileas (ay-LIHSH)– Mother of all Shifters. The original wolf who fell in love with Fáelán.

Ceann (ki-YAWN)– Leader of a witch coven.

Faol Geal (Fay-OHL GEHL)– Means “White Wolf”. Amulet created by the witch Torcuil Mckinney. Green jade circle with an engraved wolf howling at a moon, and it hangs from a leather strap. Gives the user the ability to control Shifters’ emotions.

Torcuil Mckinney (Tor-KIL muh-KIHN-ee)– Also known among the witches as “Torch” Mckinney. Very famous Teine, or fire witch, that helped create the Faol Geal.

Fiadh (Fee-YAH)– a wildlife witch. Descendent of the goddess Artio. Can summon and control animals.

Slan (sl-AWN)– a healer witch. Descendent of the goddess Airmead. They can heal wounds depending on their capabilities, and can help escalate healing on wounds that are too big.

Teine (CHEN-nuh)- a fire witch. Descendent of the god Bel. Can create fire and emit light.

Àille (AL-yeh)- beauty/love witch. Descendent of the goddess Branwen. Can help with outward beauty and create lust.

Milidh (Mee-LIH)– warrior witch. Skilled with the use of weapons. Can sense weapons and control them without touching.

Eug (IHK)– underworld/death witch. Descendent of the goddess Aerecura. Can kill, cause tremendous pain and torture, and bring back from the dead (necromancy).

Uisge (OOSH-keh)– water witch. Descendent of the goddess Belisama. Can manipulate and create water.

Léir (YEH-z) – The sight. A rare gift among the witches. Usually the coven leaders have this gift. (I’m not 100 percent on if the pronounciation is right on this one. Feel free to let me know if it’s not)