Series of books written by H.R. Savage. 


Located just outside of Big Bear, California sits a tiny town called Wolf Creek. Seemingly insignificant to outsiders, it is home to people closer than most families. People that will have each other's backs no matter the circumstances. People that trust each other explicitly. People that have no problem tearing down every threat to their existence. Because they're not considered people at all.

They're Shifters.

An ancient race that dates back thousands of years, born from the pity of a Celtic Goddess toward one of the noblest creatures: A wolf...that happened to fall in love with a human.

In this series, the pack undergoes trial after trial, finding love and discovering there is more occurring in their paranormal world than they imagined. Led by the loving yet intimidating Killian Stone, they will work together to protect their family--and maybe a few others along the way.